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Body Scrub
  • Body Scrub


    + natural

    + vegan friendly 

    This grounding and warming body scrub is packed with detoxing and clarifying elements.   Himalayan salt contains perfectly sized minerals, small enough for our body and skin to absorb, providing amazing therapeutic benefits to skin, body, and mind. Matcha powder contains powerful antioxidants that capture and deactivate free radicals in the skin to prevent signs of aging. Cinnamon, a natural exfoliant, improves blood flow to the surface of the skin and reduces acne inflammation. Almond Meal and Rolled Oats remove dead  skin, reduce inflammation, and provide an abundance of Vitamin E and antioxidants to leave your skin glowing!


    Ingredients: *Pink Himalayan Salt, *Sunflower Oil, * Coconut Oil, *Ground Oats, *Almond Meal, *Matcha Powder, *Cinnamon, *Eucalyptus, *Bachelor's Button, *Jojoba Oil, *Vitamin E Oil, *Cedarwood Oil, *Eucalyptus Oil. 




    Available in 2 oz. reusable glass jar. 


    Available in 2 oz. reusable glass jar.