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Floral Smudge

Floral Smudge


+ natural

+ vegan friendly 


Renew your Energy, Mind, Soul & Space with floralsmudge sticks. Rejuvenate the vibrations of your surrounding space with this simple ritual of smudging. Used among certain Native American peoples in rituals intended to cleanse places, persons, or objects of negative spiritual energies.


How to use: Before smudgeing, focus on your intention with positive, clearing energy. Start by gently lighting the end of your smudge stick until you see smoke arrise, then quickly blow it out and allow embers to burn. Use a heat proof vessel (like an abalone shell) to catch any falling florals, ash, or embers.  Be sure your smudge stick is completely extinguished before leaving it unattended. Lighltly misting the burnt end of your smudge stick with water is a safe trick. 


Ingredients: California White Sage, Assorted Dried Flowers, Eco-Dyed Cotton String.

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