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Thieves Vinegar Cleaner
  • Thieves Vinegar Cleaner


    + natural

    + vegan friendly


    During the plague, the legend tells a story of a group of thieves that magically never got stick and were able to make a decent living robbing the sick and dead. When these robbers were caught- they offered their secret recipe in exchange for leniency...a special blend of herbal oils.


    Ingredients:  *Cinnamon Bark/*Clove/*Eucalyptus/*Lemon/ *Rosemary-Infused *White Vinegar, Distilled Water, Arrowroot Powder, *Cinnamon Bark Oil, *Clove Oil, *Eucalpytus Oil, *Lemon Oil, *Rosemary Oil. 




    Available in 4 fl. oz. reusable glass spray bottle.